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CCC? Intro

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Hace casi 7 años empecé un proyecto donde iba a meter todas las cosas que había dibujado: personajes, conceptos y tonterias que se me habían ocurrido mientras crecía.. era tanto que pensé que en lo único donde cabría era en una ciudad. Como todos los que dibujamos, abandoné muchos comics y conceptos que no me convencieron al final.. pero me prometí a mi mismo a los 19 años que este comic no lo iba a abandonar; ya que mi habilidad para dibujar era menor a la de hoy en día los primeros dos volumenes de CCC: La ciudad de las oportunidades se ven tan… umm, culeros. Cuando tenía alrededor de 21-22 años comencé a animar en flash y me gustó, decidí animar el mundo que plasmaba en el comic y continuar con la historia dibujada en flash, por eso en el volumen 3 tiene color.

En este lapso de tiempo tuve mucho trabajo de animación e ilustración que no me dejó continuar con la historieta de CCC: La ciudad de las oportunidades, el hiatus duró mas o menos 5 años, al mismo tiempo animaba pero ya no continuaba con la historia del comic.. Ahora ya la actualizo cada jueves.

CCC es el nombre de la segunda ciudad mas grande que hay, no son siglas ni la abreviación de algo, CCC: La ciudad de las oportunidades narra la historia de Lucio Vasalle y sus desventuras en CCC como recién llegado, el comic, los dibujos sueltos y las animaciones están relacionados, todos cuentan pequeños pedazos de  los personajes y de sus pasados, eres bienvenido a explorar todo esto y sacar tus propias conclusiones, si te fijas bien puede que encuentres algo que alguien no haya notado (:


Almost 7 years ago I started working on a project where I would put everything I had drawn, characters, concepts and nonsense that came up while I was growing up .. it was so much I chose a city to put it all in. Like all people who draw, I abandoned many comics and concepts that I thought, sucked.. but I promised myself when I was around 19 years old that I would not abandon this one; because my ability to draw was less than today’s, the first two volumes of CCC: The city of the opportunities are… umm, ugly. When I was around 21-22 years old I began to animate in flash, so I decided to animate the world embodied in the comic and continue with the comic this time drawn in flash, therefore Volume 3 has color.

In this period I had a lot of animation and illustration work would not let me continue the story of CCC: The city of opportunities, the hiatus lasted about 5 years, while I still did animations I did not carried on with the story in the comic .. Now new comics every Thursday.

CCC is the name of the second largest city there is, is not an acronym or an abbreviation for something, CCC: The city of opportunies tells the story of Lucio Vasalle and his misadventures as a newcomer to CCC, comics, drawings and animations are related, they all have bits of story about the characters and their past, you are welcome to explore all this and draw your own conclusions, if you look closely you may find something that someone hasn’t noticed yet (:


Vinnie, eres una gran inspiración para muchos dibujantes y animadores, creas un mundo con todos estos increibles y curiosos personajes, cosas que uno nunca se imaginaria como peleas sobre dirigibles, dinosaurios en la luna, papalotes y piñatas enormes, en fin… haces que el espectador se escape del *ejem* aburrido mundo en el que vivimos.

Such an awesome series, I followed the flash animations when they hit down on newgrounds many years ago, and just found this comic a few days ago, I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see what happens next every Tuesday and Thursday! Keep up the good work this comic has so awesome mass potential!

I find your art to be among the most clever I’ve ever seen! It truly is a blend of everything. I often find myself putting together seemingly “random” combinations of clothes, weaponry etc. when I draw ever since I watched your flashes. Keep it up! You have a fan for life!

Truly awesome. CCC feels like a place where anybody can be a main character. Noone is sitting around without some kind of awesome backstory or adventures! Keep it up Vinnie 😀 your loyal fans will always be waiting!

conocí la ciudad por el video veneno …y no se los personajes tienen una sencillez llena de vida que no necesitan mas tienen demasiada personalidad así como están cualquiera diría son simples pero no proyectan lo necesario sin tener que hacer mas sencillamente increíble me volví un fan/seguidor/admirador / lo que sea instantáneo sigue adelante hay demasiado futuro en un universo que creaste

me pregunto que pasaria si estudiaras arquitectura XD (creo que serias un monstruo para los paisajes mucho mas chingo que ahorita), me sorprende todos los detalles que pones en los fondos, la neta mis respetos, te sigo desde el 2006 viendo por primera vez rush 2 en newgrounds. Soy tu fan no. 1 :p, cada oportunidad que tengo le digo a mis compas que vean tu pagina C:

I discovered you by searching Newgrounds’ Flash Portal History 2004 and saw Hoy te amo ++ (damn, 1 200 000 views!!!), that I rewatched several times and downloaded the music :p. Then I discovered Astromiau ep.1 on NG, and I thought it was the only one… that was before I saw your site.
Became a big Astromiau fan <3 Now I'll try CCC, I mean I already follow webcomics, why not one more? :3
Also please don't stop Astromiau either!
(Lol, even thinking about learning Spanish so I can understand your few untranslated flashes and all. Love your works 🙂 )
Nooooooooo I have exams to study, why did I start CCC now x3 I bet I'm going to use up all my time on reading it and watching all the other ++ flashes and all.

Well, finished reading CCC in a couple of hours now :3


I became a major CCC fan and Astromiau fan (well, a bigger CCC fan though now that I read it all 🙂 )

I hope you never stop doing these :3 Wish I could speak Spanish to speak some more with you though :<

Also, Gravitaxis++ is a masterpiece.

I also have been collecting my drawings and random bits of story ideas for years… if I end up using them to create a world even half as fun as this one, I will on the right track!

Thanks for never giving up on CCC, it makes me smile!

Dude, this series has not faltered. Just wish it was a bit more known. Other then that I hope your real life is getting better. Would love to actually see this in Manga/comic form in real life. Could really make some money especially with all your ideas flowing and combining into an amazing piece of story and art.

CCC has been a major inspirtation in my life since I was a kid xD
I remember seeing RUSH++ come out on newgrounds then a while later Gravitaxis. Which is still one of my favorites animations of all time :’D
I love this world so much, and want to keep seeing more 🙂

wow hoy empece a ver la historia de CCC y ya la tengo actualizada es genial como llevas la historieta y espero que sigas con ella por mucho tiempo mas que hasta ahora esta es una historia de las que eh leído que no importa cuantas paginas mas leyera todas me dejaban con ganas de mas y mas

I have created over 30 comics on paper when I was around 11-15 years old (didn’t finish most)

I had quit drawing in 2010, but I began to draw once to ten times a year, improving in each drawing. Plus, I chose 3 stories to write, instead of drawing.

Now, i’m 22 years old, a friend of mine who used to draw with me shown me your comics. I loved it! He said your comic looked like mine when I was a kid, but better! And I fell in love with it. I decided to use my most favorite characters in a brand new story line, without the need to draw flawlessly. Plus, I just came to read this page and found out you did the same as me! lol

I decided yesterday night to start with 4 of my characters, and they would get into a city that they would meet all the others in a point it would be difficult to manage them all in the same storyline. Let’s see what will become of it!

Thanks for inspiring me getting back to it! And, never stop until you finish it!

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