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o por dios
o por dioooooooooooooooooooooos!!!!
sabiaque esa cara maniatica de tu compadre me hacia conocida

trabajas con lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

es lo mejor!!!!!!!!!!!
pronto terminare mi animacion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

y quisiera que la veas

tambien te pido el favor de que me cumplas uno de los sueños que siempre quise!!!

tu y lazy muffin y yo hacer una animacion juntos !!!!!!!!!!!!

pero es increible pensar
que trabajas con lazy!!!!!

es geniaaaaaaal!

Ouch!! That has got to hurt!!
Uhmm… I mean, what a loud boom there was when the girls punched Vinnie and little mang.
Good work… really funny!!! hahaha!!!
Why do they even have to test their strength on that anyway?!

I’ve always liked your work, it’s very unique and plus it’s easily recognizable and simply drawn 🙂 The movement is very fluid and the angles you choose to animate from are bound to be reallllly difficult, though not in this particular flash, I don’t think.

Just thought I’d say that, seeing as how I’ve never actually commented on…pretty much anything you’ve ever done (though I doubt you read these, you seem like a pretty busy guy). Anyway, the boom at the end scared the crap outta me the first time around, but damn that was funny!

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